• Ali Mahmood

    Where do i even begin… we had booked this venue for our wedding (destination wedding, we were all flying in from different countries) with really high expectations as the place looked amazing. When we arrived, we were impressed by the place and how friendly everyone was. This is when things started to go downhill.. i will spare you the full story and just put in the cliff notes here:

    * It took them over a month to return our deposit (even though we agreed they would give us the money in cash so we had spending money for the rest of the vacatoin)

    * half the showers dont have water pressure and the water is cold in most (plumbing problems)

    * the place is infested with bugs

    * the hair dryer instantly fried when connected to the power supply (their own hair dryer, which they then made us pay for) due to faulty wiring

    * the female staff tried to steal clothing items from a guest (the manager found the item in their room and informed us) never got it back though

    * the jacuzi pictured wasn’t cleaned recently

    * the staff dont speak english well (had to use google translate to deal with manager)

    * they had a double booking on the day we arrived, had to wait hours until the other group finished shooting some music video (although they compensated us with a meal)

    * there is a donkey in the garden that is lose (although we loved that)

    and the list can go on, but honestly i just want to get the point across that this place has a lot of potential, but bad management makes it fall apart. such a shame.